Une grande gigue libre, with Bon Débarras

A video from La Fabrique culturelle

The group Bon Débarras was born in the Parc Lahaie in Montreal, where they have participated to many editions of the Festival “Noël dans le parc”. More than 20 years later, In this same park, the members of the group recollect their memories and offer us a unique interpretation of “Une grande gigue libre”, a piece coming from the album Repères.


Premiere of the show Repères in Montreal

At the Cabaret Lion d’or and online

This new show highlights the reference points and core values that the band has relied on for its creative process since its beginnings. Identity bearings, geographical markers, linguistic and cultural reference points – these are “repères” in French. But most of all, encounters and discoveries leading to lyrics (Joséphine Bacon, Gaston Miron, Simon Gauthier, Gilles Vigneault) and musical collaborations (Michel Faubert, Cédric Dind-Lavoie). The trio relies also on various inner hideouts, dens or “repaires”, multifaceted references forged through encounters, travels and life experiences. Their repères – milestones and markers – anchor solidly the band’s music in Quebec traditions while giving it a touch of the world around the corner. From their repaires – hideaways, havens of refuge –, they come out with a renewed energy irresistibly calling for dancing!
* You can attend the show at the Cabaret Lion d’or or see the virtual version online.
Direction: Edgar Bori
Lighting designer: Lisandre Coulombe
Sound engineer: Louis Morneau


Repères” nominated at the ADISQ Gala

Album of the year- Traditionnal

Bon Débarras’ new album, Repères, is nominated for the ADISQ award “Album of the year – Traditionnal”. The winners will be announced on November 3 during the Premier Gala, which will be broadcasted on Télé-Québec.


Bon Débarras unveils “Batèche”

A powerful new music video

Gaston Miron (1928-1996) is a well known poet in Quebec. His words, enhanced by close-ups on the musicians faces and supported by archive images of the National Film Board of Canada, plunges us in the resilience spirit of the Quiet Revolution. The rhythm of the poetry is emphasized by the folk-trad language of Bon Débarras and the slammed parts of the song. This story of anger that turns to resilience gains an incredible intensity through the eye of the producer JF Dugas and his team, Olivier Bolduc-Coutu and Louis Coutu.

* “Batèche” is a swear word that use to be frequently heard in Quebec.

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