En panne de silence - 2017

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With this set of original compositions, Bon Débarras goes on keeping alive the rich traditions of French-speaking America. Lyrics and melodies definitely attuned to Québec flavours have been enriched by the arrival of the violin. Energy-filled accents of podorythmie, stepdancing and body percussion punctuate this new opus also infused with urban beats and strong roots of First Nations.

Spinning tunes, singing stories, telling tales through dance in an atmosphere of vocal and human harmony, Bon Débarras offers En panne de silence, a ‘family’ album directed by Cédric Dind-Lavoie, former member and author of a number of the new pieces. The presence of Luzio Altobelli’s accordion and that of the Quatuor Trad make the experience even mellower, although this collection of songs burns with a contagious energy, extending an invitation never to surrender to silence!

Dominic Desrochers : vocals, guitar, ukulele, drum, washboard, jig, body percussion
Jean-François Dumas : vocals, banjo, guitar, mandoline, podorythmie, harmonica, jaw’s harp, cajón
Marie-Pierre Lecault : vocals, violin, viola

Errance - 2013

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Pushing even more the boundaries of “folk-trad”, Bon Débarras is back with a second album entitled Errance (Wandering) – an inspired collection of original compositions and more. More inventive than ever, these three multi-instrumentalists venture off the beaten path. Still reaching deep into their roots, the group draws its inspiration from an Americanness flavored with Cajun, rock, blues, rap and country music undertones. The result is a singular musical endeavour where jaw’s harp, ukulele, banjo, guitar, double bass, tres, kora, harmonica, accordion, cajón and washboard all coexist in perfect harmony.

Dominic Desrochers : vocals, guitar, washboard, tres, ukulele, harmonica, jaws’ harp, triangle, jig, body percussion
Jean-François Dumas : vocals, banjo, guitar, podorythmie, harmonica, cajón, jaw’s harp, triangle, body percussion
Cédric Dind-Lavoie : vocals, doublebass, handsaw, body percussion

Bon Débarras - 2009

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Nominated for an ADISQ award in 2009, Bon Débarras’ first record is a rich cocktail of traditional songs as well as individual and collective creations involving all three members. This nurtured and polished musical project explores oral traditions from here and abroad. Through clever combinations and a merry intermingling, yesterday’s stories echo those of today. Since each musician plays several instruments, the band draws from many different styles and ventures into the memory of French America.

Dominic Desrochers : guitar, banjo, washboard, triangle, vocals
Jean-François Dumas : guitar, banjo, harmonica, foot percussion, snair, vocals
Luzio Altobelli : accordion, vocals